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Gali Gali Sim Sim

3 Seasons of Sesame Street --Indian Leg Galli galli sim sim
Aakash has done Back ground score ,songs and sound design for 3 seasons (that's more than 100 episodes) for the Indian leg version of Sesame street

The show, which Sesame Workshop co-produces with Miditech and Turner Broadcasting, took home the intermedia-globe Grand award and Gold award in the Education: Preschool, Kindergarten category.



Gali Gali Sim Sim

Galli Galli Sim Sim also won a Gold Plaque Award in the Educational: Child Audience category at Cinema/Chicago and the Chicago International Film Festival’s 44th Annual Hugo Television Awards. Galli Galli Sim Sim focuses on the importance of respect and understanding among Indian children,
regardless of social standing, religious background, or languages spoken. Spring 2010 CINE Golden Eagle Award


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