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My Instrumentals
Thursday, 02 July 2009 07:12

My InstrumentalsI believe a piece is complete even if you don't have any vocals or lyrics. My instrumental works are influenced by famous guitar player and bands Dream Theatre. My main instrument is guitar but in all my compositions I have played or sequenced Flute,recorder,Bass guitar,keyboards,Violin and drums with percussion.All vocals in the instrumentals are mine.




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Ad film Scores
Thursday, 02 July 2009 01:57

Film Background Scores

Advertising has always kept me busy through my career. Over the period of 10 years I have been involved with lot's of advertising agencies and brands. I started with making music for animatics and stillomatics,when serious things started to happen.More and more work starrted shifted towards me and I landed up doing atleast 5 films in a month.

Though it's a trend that 99% of the films music happens in Mumbai but I intend to crack that myth and proove talent can not be limited to one place only

(The Composer holds all IPR of the material on this page. This is commissioned work, none of it may be used commercially)

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